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der filmbringerThe 20th International ContraVision Film festival opened with the movie "The Filmbringer" by Martin Guggisberg.

a man underway in a snowscape is dragging a film roll along behind himself and places it on reel holders mounted on a tree. in this manner, the film is rolling from reel to reel and can be watched at any given place with a film projector. the film bringer meanders through the different landscapes, serving as the bearer of cinema culture.

winner of the day

132 i have a boat 2 "i have a boat" by nathan nill

piet's prospect of love does not look that bright: statistically most couples get to know each other at work and piet’s work is on a shrimp cutter with two other sailors. however, a bold encounter with three blond sirenes provides his desire with totally new prospects.

2nd Place

135 herr alptraum 2"mr. nightmare and the blessings of progress" by tommy schwarwel

in the recent short movie of schwarwel the reader and avid actor christian von aster is telling us the funky love story between mr. nightmare and sleepness insomnia, based upon the samenamed book of christian von aster with illustrations of schwarwel.

3rd place

113 testfahrer 2"Testfahrer" by florian arndt

multiple sclerosis, arthrosis, diabetes, heart attack and cancer – to name only a few diseases. a diagnose of this kind can bring a man to lose his zest for life – but not the 69 years old wheelchair user volkmar kirschbaum. in face of his strokes of fate he does not have lost his charms. after 43 years of happy marriage moreover his wife died five years ago of cancer. since then volkmar kirschbaum is living alone. every single day without any exception the widower goes to see her grave at the cemetery.




we congratulate the winners of the first day and we wish them all the best for the final round in the audience voting on saturday, december 8th.


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