in order to maintain their world cultural heritage status, the contravision film festival administration has decided to securely store their cultural treasures.

for this purpose, contravision has rented the 2,231ft long barbara tunnel from the german federal government. the precious items, amassed over the last 18 years (including unique items such as otze and uller) will be preserved for future generations in an old silver mine near freiburg at a depth of 1,443ft.

before the arrival of the festival archives, the tunnel was electro-hydro-dynamically pumped out. the accumulated waste water was transported to asse 2 using 50000 tanker trucks and permanently stored there.

according to a report from the federal radiation protection agency, storing that material is completely ecologically safe.

to make contravision's cultural treasures accessible for the current generation, the entire archive is being made available online.


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