teaser english

winner of the day

231 musik liegt in der luft 2 "there is music in the air" by tim bosse

mirek is disenchanted. his dream of a life with tina was still within reach when she threw herself at a stupid music bod with his show-off guitar. at least mirek now thinks he knows that his life could have run better if he hadn’t always had to play football in the open as a child instead of being prepared for life in piano and flute lessons like his classmates.

2nd place

234 flamingo pride 2"flamingo pride " by tomer eshed

frustrated of being the only heterosexual flamingo in a gay flamingo palooza the hero of this story falls in love with a beautiful lady stork flying by. unable to convince her of the seriousness of his feelings he lapses into an identity crisis. a terrifying encounter inspires him to make a venturous plan …

3rd place

212-who lasts longer 1"zeinek gehiago iraun (who lasts longer)"
by gregorio muro

a perilous children’s game will spoil the life of ander and his family forever.











we congratulate the winners of the second day and we wish them all the best for the final round in the audience voting on saturday, december 8th.


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