teaser english

winner of the day

424 der besuch 2 "der besuch (the visit)" by conrad tambour

a tragicomic story about an old lady, who in the deep of the night starts cooking for her friends who have died since long. her son is horrified. but is it true, or is it an imagimation or a dream, when we' are involved in the reality of a person getting old?

2nd place

413 gekindnapped 1"gekidnapped (kidnapped)" by sarah winkenstette

11-year-old ida has kidnapped her classmate hannes because she wants him to kiss her. non conformist and unadapted, she is searching for love and affection – and she is confident that a kiss uncondiionally must go with it.

3rd place

425 five minute love story 1"five minute love story" by robert jenne

emma is sitting in a café and hiding a fugitive pickpocket by getting him caught in a ficticious quarrel. when an elder lady comes and identifies the young man as the thief of her purse the young and frangible relationship is put to the proof.








we congratulate the winners of the fourth festival day and we wish them all the best for the final round in the audience voting on saturday, december 8th.


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