teaser english

winner of the day

322 the hour glas 1 "the hour glass" by joscha thelosen

death is living all by himself in a small house in the middle of nowhere. he is living his daily routine until one day he finds baby left alone in front of his house that will change everything in his life.

2nd place

313 the chewing gum man 2"the chewing gum man"
by ana de la valgoma romero

sometimes things are not what they seem to be at first sight. when i first noticed ben wilson in the london suburb muswell hill, i thought he was a homeless person. but sometimes you just have to take a closer look. this is how my documentary "the chewing gum man" was born. for a couple of months i followed ben wilson all over london, recording his daily working routine. i got to know a unique man, an artist, a free spirit.

3rd place

335 animal day 2"djurens dag (animal day)" by tommi seitajoki

ylva lives an isolated life within her four walls and spends her time by spying on her neighbour henrik, whom she is secretly in love with. one day, a masquerade ball is taking place in the city. ylva is hiding away behind a cat mask and spares no effort to meet henrik more closely.








we congratulate the winners of the third festival day and we wish them all the best for the final round in the audience voting on saturday, december 8th.


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