Today, on april, 8th, 2013, the festival director has declared the submission marathon open by launching a thrilling starting shot. Thousands of film makers are cutting along in order to bring their films to the festival headquarter.


Closing date for entries is may, 6th, 2013.

Access to submission here


In former times the transfer of news was an arduous, dangerous and now and then even lethal undertaking. But even nowadays postal, rail and flight services make every imaginable effort to prevent a punctual arrival of the submitted films.

To enable everybody a punctual submission to the contravision film festival the contravision-lab is providing the chance of submission via internet.


Here some representative recognition messages of film makers:


Arielle from Atlantis:
„Unfortunately for biological reasons I am not in the position to submit in person and yet, thanks to the internet, I can submit my actual animated film nonetheless.“


Forrest G. from Savannah, Georgia:
„In fact I can take a lot, but Berlin is a bit far off, after all. I have no clue what the internet stuff is all about, but my new mockumentary got to Berlin within a couple of minutes!“


Lola from Berlin:
„I am always late, don’t find the way or something is standing in my light. But my dsl-line has found the way all by itself, so that my last sports drama has reached the festival office right in time.“


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