Live on stage: many filmmakers - on the screen: "Sex&Crime"



The opener of our festival is "Ambrozia" (Tymur Jaszczenko, Poland). A movie, not only inspired by Quentin Tarantino.


We are especially happy to present a master piece in action-comedy from Namibia: "Everything happens for a reason" (Florian Schott) is shot in one take and takes us on a fast paced ride through the city of Windhoek.


Furthermore there will be the black comedy "Kosherland" (picture above), a bloody story of blackmail and gunfighting in a jewish deli in latvia.


Longfilms have bored you long enough, short films are worthwhile. For eight days we will entertain you and you as part of the audience will choose who enters the final on sunday the 5th of April. You decide who wins, it`s your festival!


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