22nd ContraVision opened with a world premiere: "Ambrozia" directed by Tymur Jaszczenko. The audience has chosen the first finalists for Saturday the 5th of April:


"Kosherland" directed by Pyotr Magnus Nedov

"Riktigt Mycket Pengar (An Awful Lot of Money)"  directed by Jonatan Etzler & Jonatan Sköld


Congratulations and the best of luck for the finals. For all of you who couldn`t attend the show: You did not only miss "Ambrozia", but this film as well:



But don`t be sad, there is much more to come: 68 films want to be watched by you. Don`t miss "A little bit perverted" our programme for the 29th of March. It`s your choice, it`s your festival!



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