Congratulations to all finalists. Following films were chosen by the audience to run for the ContraVision Awards.


27th March

"Frag meine Haare " by "lang&breit", Germany.

"SALOMEA'S NOSE" by Susan Korda, Germany.

26th March

"Seven heads" by Lukas Rinker, Germany.

"Chicken cube" by Renate Pommerening, Germany.

"6:23" by Kirill Pletnyov, Russia.

"A serious comedy" by Lander Camarero, Spain.

25th March

"Silver Surfer" by Juliane Engelmann, Berlin.

"The king next door" by Isa Micklitza, Germany.

24th March

"Dot" by Tali Barde from Germany.

"Paradise bad temper" by Matis Burkhardt from Germany

23rd March

"Microphone" by Kareemok from Kurdistan

"Black Page" by Ibrahim Ramazan from Kurdistan

22nd March

"Tin & Tina" by Rubin Stein from Spain

"Gummifaust" by Marc Steck from Germany

21st March

"Tiger" by Jacob Chelkowski from Poland

"Road Trip" by Xaver Xylophon from Berlin

20th March   

"El Casco de Jupiter" (Jupiters Helmet) by Diego Perez from Spain

"Namini bar Ednas" (Drop by some time) by Kosara Mitic from Macedonia





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