15th - 20th march, 2016 – Cinema Central in Berlin


Admitted to participate in the film festival are filmmakers who submit their own film, providing they hold the rights to allow a film festival submission. At the most two films per applicant for the competition can be submitted. The production year must be 2014 or later.

A public jury will assemble the competition program selected out of the total of submissions. All the films selected by the jury will take part in the competition. In 2015, 83 film submissions were shown in the competition. All applicants will be notified whether their film will be competing or not. The notification will take place not later than 3 weeks before the start of the festival. All applicants will be notified simultaneously, regardless if the program jury has nominated their film for the competition or if it has been rejected.

Competition Jury
The competition jury makes up the audience. The jury elects the winners by viewers choice in a secret ballot.

Genre / Category
The ContraVision Film Festival is not limited to certain genres and does not classify the films into categories. Every film chosen by the program jury will be shown in the competition program.

Sole Stipulation
Only films with a duration of up to 30 minutes are allowed to take part in the competition.

Registration Form
Film registration can only take place online on this website. Fill out the form online. The information entered on the online form (for example the name of the film, the name of the director and such) will be used unaltered for announcements and the festival catalogue. The applicant is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information given, especially relating to spelling, grammar and punctuation. Subsequent corrections are to be sent via E-mail (see address below) as quickly as possible and before January 1st, 2016.

Film Format
Please upload your film or send us a download link. If necessary, you ca send us a DVD/Blue-ray. The screener copy should at least be in PAL SD or NTSC SD. Films that do not meet the PAL-Standard will be attempted to be performed without loss of data, however loss of quality during screening cannot be ruled out. The festival commision reserves the right to reject any film that is not in PAL standard.
Any format that can only be played with a single specific software or requires internet access for playback will not be accepted. This explicitly includes internal formats used by editing software like e.g. Apple Intermediate.

Film Copy 8mm/16mm/35mm/70mm
Please do not submit 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, or 70mm film copies. We will not avouch any insurance for such films and they will not be screened.

Films that are not in German or English must be provided with english subtitles.

The documentation of the film will be ascertained in the online form. Please upload photos in a printable size (at least 500x300 pixels).

There are no application fees to enter the film festival.

Entry Deadline
Entry deadline is 21st December, 2015 (date of postmark).

Screening rights
The screening rights for festivals must lie with the applicant.

All transportation costs to and from the festival headquarters, including customs clearance or insurance of the submitted film, are solely to the expense of the applicant or authorized representative. All films that have a self-addressed envelope and adequate postage will be sent back to the applicant after the festival.

Liabilty for Film Submissions
The Film Festival assumes no liability due to damage to or loss of the films, especially film media sent directly via the postal service.

The nominated films, except of press showings, will be shown publicly with a maximum of five times during the event pertaining to the film festival. Additional showings are possible only with an explicit authorization from the rights holder.

Producers, distributors, or other organizations that register a film are obligated to notify third parties involved in the film and obtain their permission that the film is entered into a film festival.

Copy Protection
Films that have copy protection will not be accepted for review. That also explicitly applies to HDCP (HDMI).

Withdrawal from Registration
No film will be allowed to withdraw from the Festival Program once it has been publicized.

Repeat Registrations
Films that have already been registered with ContraVision Film Festival cannot be registered a second time.

The festival will generate and keep an archival copy of each film. Usage of the archived copy is only possible with the submitter’s consent. If the submitter does not agree on the generation of an archive copy, he must notify the Festival in writing at the time of film submission.

Film clip
The film festival reserves the right to use a clip of the registered film, up to 60 seconds long for promotion and advertising purposes. If the applicant does not agree hereto, a written notice must accompany the film at the time of submission.

Release Approval
By filling in the application form the applicant agrees that his submitted film will be viewed by the program jury of the 23th ContraVision Film Festival. In the event of nomination the film will be shown publicly throughout the duration of the film festival.l.

The Festival Commision carries out the programming of the nominated films and their decision is irrevocable.

Customs Declaration
All films submitted via postal service from countries outside the European Union must have labeling on the packaging for customs declarations stating "for cultural purposes only, no commercial value".

Every film that is screened will receive a participation certificate free of charge via E-mail.

The Festival Director reserves the right to regulate all cases not covered in the terms, as well as make exceptions in special or reasonable instances.

For further questions, please contact the festival fommission via e-mail at submission@contravision.de.

ContraVision Film Festival
Contra Medienwerkstatt e.V.
Bülowstr. 90
10783 Berlin
fax: ++49 (0)30 25798443

Festival Director: Robin Bodenhaupt
Programme management: Claudia Wente

This English version of the terms is provided solely to facilitate the film registration. For legal issues only the German version remains valid.

last update: 2014-11-01