finalists, september 18th 2009

1. dancin' the streets by anett harksen
2. rollygeddon by thomas zeug
3. der anner im himmel by philipp hartmann

finalists, september 19th 2009

1. simon's cat by simon tofield
2. try a little tenderness by benjamin teske
3. beton by piet esch


finalists, september 25th 2009

1. hinter den dünen by christian bach
2. nur für einen augenblick by abel lindner
3. clint by philipp scholz


finalists, september 26th 2009

1. limbus by joerg fockele
2. das grüne schaf by carsten strauch
3. an users guide for the imaginary friend (abridged) by ciro altabás




the entire competition programme is available online as pdf 


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