111 02 berlin troika

berlin troika


by andrej gontcharov
germany 2014
political drama
11:17 min – german (engl. subs)


„berlin troika“ takes us behind the scences of diplomatic negotiations and shows us the power of words which make the difference between war and peace.

112 02 schnee in rio schnee in rio (the way you die)


by manuel vogel
germany 2014
james bond film
25:25 min – german (engl. subs)


1960. night. a train on its way to the iron curtain.

113 02 junk girl

junk girl


by mohammad zare
iran 2014
poetic animation
15:21 min – no dialogue


there once was a girl
who was made up of junk.
she looked really dirty,
and she smelled like a skunk.

114 02 zombie nation

zombie nation


by sebastian harrer
germany 2013
zombie music video
06:55 min – no dialogue


today's society is a society hostile. especially if you are a zombie.

115 01 hybris hybris


by arjan brentjes
netherlands 2014
06:21 min – english (engl. subs)


what would be different, if life would be endless ?

121 01 the story of little hans

the story of little hans


by daniel nicolae djamo
romania 2014
modern fairy tale
06:33 min – german (engl. subs)


the story of little hans, an old austrian tale, told about eat or be eaten.

122 01 mecs meufs

mecs meufs (guys girls)


by liam engle
france 2013
gender comedy
13:21 min – french (engl. subs)


bob knows it: when it comes to seduction, men are the weaker sex... but what if thins were switched around?

123 01 Jupiters Helmet

el casco de jupiter (jupiters helmet)


by diego perez
spain 2014
19:20 min – spanish (engl. subs)


luis and charlotte only have a cemetery in common, a desire and a tragic family history.

124 01 story of r32

story of r32


by vladimir vlasenko
ukraine 2014
science fiction
02:28 min – no dialoque (engl. subs)


this is a story about one lonely, out of date robot with a desire to be useful and about human's ingratitude.

125 02 drop by sometime

namini bar ednas (drop by sometime)


by kosara mitic
macedonia 2013
14:02 min – macedonian (engl. subs)


a night shopping shop and a robbery. the slightly different love story.













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