711-02 myself universe

myself universe


by andreas hykade
germany 2014
01:34 min – english


myself tries to remember the secret of the universe.

712 02 dr illegal

dr. illegal (exit)


by hadi khanjanpour
germany 2014
27:20 min – german (engl. subs)


dr. omid afarif, surgeon in exile, swored the hippocratic oath – not approved. but diseases don't wait.

713-02 kafa

Kafa (coffee)


by sonja petrovic
serbia 2014
09:51 min – serbian (engl. subs)


destiny is often like a morning coffee – bitter and harsh, but we still drink it.

714-02 ordinary things

простые вещи (the ordinary things)


by oleksandr ratii
ukraine 2014
19:21 min – russian (engl. subs)


death or not. friendship is invincible.

715-01 6 23



by kirill pletnyov
russia 2013
08:06 min – russian (engl. subs)


6 minutes and 23 seconds from a life of an actor. performance, backstage and... performance again.

721-01 serious comedy

a serious comedy


by lander camarero
spain 2014
serious comedy
29:58 min – arabic (engl. subs)


nizar rawi, director of the iraq short film festival, tired of never receiving comedies at his festival.

722-02 bono



by ciro altabás
spain 2013
10:32 min – spanish (engl. subs)


the lead singer of zaragoza’s second biggest u2 tribute band is in a life crisis. but copies have fans too.

723-02 checken cube

chicken cube


by renate pommerening
germany 2014
social spot
02:46 min – german (engl. subs)


the revolution of the chicken farming and egg production. square, practical, good.

724-01 seven heads

7 köpfe für den henker (seven heads)


by lukas rinker
germany 2013
horror comedy
15:55 min – german (engl. subs)


why you should never take a taser on a hike. a bloody lesson.


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