311 02 screenplay



by niels schreiner
germany 2014
musical comedy
10:38 min – german


a writer despairs of his unfinished screenplay. he begins to drink and his written scenes become alive.

312 02 au pair

au pair


by marc schiesser
germany 2013
24:59 min – german (engl. subs)


the french au pair girl joline visits germany to work in the chinese restaurant "blue dragon".

313 02 intrusion



by natalie plaskura
germany 2013
11:11 min – no dialogue


seemingly disparate, yet interrelated scenes that poke, like an intrusive recurring traumatic experience, into the mind of the powerless spectator.

314 01 cosmico



by c.j. lazaretti
united kingdom 2014
philosophical comedy
03:20 min – no dialogue


peoples of the earth, beware of duke cosmico: you are what he eats.

315 02 zothmund



by kristóf jurik
hungary 2014
action animation
07:45 min – no dialogue


dived? anything but unrealistic.

316 01 gummifaust



by marc steck
germany 2014
feuilleton splatter
08:55 min – german (engl. subs)


an old-school theatre critic is going berserk when he watches an ironic reinterpretation of goethe´s faust in a little off-theatre.

321 02 die fliehkraft des kometen

die fliehkraft des kometen


by felix ahrens
germany 2014
12:35 min – german (engl. subs)


komet (70 years of age) is old but still younger than his generation. every night he goes out partying.

322 02 tin  tina

tin & tina


by rubin stein
spain 2013
12:04 min – spanish (engl. subs)


tin and tina are not eating their puree tonight.

323 02 soroa

Soroa (the field)


by asier altuna
spain 2014
13:03 min – no dialogue


arid soil, sun, wind. a procession crosses the landscape. the echoes of their prayers bring the rain.

324 02 900 seconds

900 секунд (900 seconds)


by robert seneko
belarus 2014
science fiction
11:55 min – russian (engl. subs)


a mysterious stranger suddenly appears in the laboratory out of nowhere. the scientists are perplex.

325 01 sonntag

Sonntag (sunday)


by silvio gerber
switzerland 2014
romantic film
09:22 min – no dialogue


summer. a suffocating heat fills the bedroom. he’s sitting in one corner, she’s in another. bored.






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