211 02 procrastinator



by marta rodríguez-alarcón
spain 2014
13:59 min – spanish (engl. subs)


procrastination is the thief of time.

212 01 the great vairitosky

el gran vairitosky (the great vairitosky)


by matias carrizo
argentina 2014
fantasy animation
14:17 min – spanish (engl. subs)


the ironie of living and dying.

213 01 zu risiken und nebenwirkungen

zu risiken und nebenwirkungen (side effects)


by dustin loose
germany 2013
08:30 min – german (engl. subs)


a sexy manual for lobbyism in the pharmacutical industry.

214 02 lila



by carlos lascano
spain 2014
09:09 min – no dialogue


armed with her sketchbook, lila walks off to the world, convinced that she has the power to make it a better place.

215 01 wedding cake

wedding cake


by viola baier
germany 2013
08:37 min – no dialogue


love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.

216 01 Amlia  Duarte

amélia & duarte


by alice guimarães
germany 2014
08:30 min – english


every end, needs a beginning. especially when it comes to love.

221 02 the birth

the birth


by xingzheng jin
china 2014
09:25 min – chinese (engl. subs)


in the 1980s, lots of chinese families have been through the most strict birth control policy. fear of a baby boom and afraid of life.

222 02 roadtrip



by xaver xylophon
germany 2014
road movie animation
22:03 min – german (engl. subs)


a hand drawn film about failure,  the tristesse of berlin (even in summer) and waterproof socks.

223 02 letzter wille idylle

letzter wille: idylle (last will: idyll)


by alice von gwinner
germany 2013
science fiction
12:51 min – german (engl. subs)


let us welcome the individual alternative for your retirement.

224 01 tiger



by jacob chelkowski
poland 2014
surreal drama
12:09 min – polish (engl. subs)


a man comes home to his apartment and greets the naked woman in his bed?






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