511 01 film ist kein bandeisen

film ist kein bandeisen – der archivar (film isn't hoop iron – the archivist)


by mias könig
germany 2014
10:44 min – german (engl. subs)


lutz henschel repairs films. with typical berlinean directness he lets us see his everyday work life.

512 01 paradies schlechte laune

paradies schlechte laune (paradise bad temper)


by matis burkhardt
germany 2014
08:49 min – german


mr. glück works at the jobcenter, frank doesn't. that might as well change thinks the one and the other sees it different.

513 02 hi im new

hi! i'm new


by mario serrano
spain 2014
satirical animation
03:25 min – no dialogue


what is the worst that could happen during your first day at work?

514 02 evolucion

Evolucion (evolution)


by marcos andavert
spain 2014
09:30 min – no dialogue


we want to develope live. but life wants to devolope us, too.

515 01 mousse



by john hellberg
sweden 2013
black comedy
30:49 min – swedish/french (engl. subs)


what could be easier than robbing a small betting office on the outskirts of town?

521 01 gartenfeind

Gartenfeind (garden f(r)iend)


by julia walter
germany 2014
14:28 min – german


a square grandma and a burning summer house.

522 02 twelfth man

twelfth man


by duane hopkins
united kingdom 2014
05:40 min – english


how football tries to prove the chaos theory.

523 02 mr dentonn



by ivan villamel
spain 2014
09:02 min – spanish (engl. subs)


on a cold winter night, laura reads her brother david the story of a strange creature that attacks children …

524 02 dot



by tali barde
germany 2014
27:30 min – german (engl. subs)


a battle for survival by and against time. point by point.

525 02 der sehr lange johannes

der sehr lange johannes (the very long john)


by frank pingel
germany 2014
05:19 min – german (engl. subs)


your parents are never that honest, if they say: you are very special.


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