811-01 damaru



by agbor obed
cameroon 2014
social drama
24:01 min – english (engl. subs)


born deaf in a small african village, damaru’s greatest wish is to get an education like all the other children.

812-02 si Lunchai

si lunchai


by hannes rall
germany 2014
08:36 min – german (engl. subs)


the poor but smart rogue si lunchai triumphs over the cruel king.

813-02 Once there was a Cigar Box

once there was a cigar box


by alexander conrads
germany 2014
09:58 min – english (engl. subs)


matt isbell takes old cigar boxes and breathes new life into them.

814-01 little stones

les petits cailloux (the little stones)


by chloé mazlo
france 2013
stop motion
14:03 min – french (engl. subs)


cloe carries usual hiccups around. unawares they start growing and becoming bigger and heavier.

815-02 Life Patented

life patented


by arne v. nostitz-rieneck
austria 2014
social spot
01:35 min – no dialogue


the wonder of human life – a journey from egg-cell to human life in a world reigned by corporations.

821-01 Salomeas Nase

salomea's nose


by susan korda
germany 2014
black comedy
22:14 min – german


salomea remembers the day her beloved brothers disfigured her and themselves for life.

822-02 mese

Mese (tale)


by attila bertóti
hungary 2014
fairy tale telling animation
07:25 min – english (engl. subs)


silly billies are talking about what happened to the king, the queen, the robber, the guards, the horse, the blacksmith, the fire chief and his wife.

823-02 flake white

blanc flocon et les 7 naines (flake white and the seven lady dwarves)


by collective: 12 children
belgium 2014
05:18 min – french (engl. subs)


once upon a time, there was a king who was sewing while watching the snow falling. one day, he had a child, as white as snow and so soft as a flake...

824-02 alerik



by vuk mitevski
germany 2013
war film animation
17:08 min – no dialoque


a war moves like a wheel of fortune. you never know where it leads. you never know how it changes you.

825-02 the gift

Подарок (the gift)


by igor gladkov
russian federation 2014
04:21 min – english (engl. subs)


the protagonist checks in at a hotel. after a knocking on the door a golden chest stands in front of it.

826-02 frag meine haare

frag meine haare


by benjamin ludwig
germany 2014
costume music vieo
03:53 min – german


friday. weekend. and a lot of possibilities





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