411 01 record



by mohammed hawraz
kurdistan 2014
13:37 min – kurdish (engl. subs)


father and mother record a video message for their son, who lives abroad.

412 01 home and key

home and key


by attoof shwan
kurdistan 2014
14:38 min – kurdish (engl. subs)


living and dying of a kurdish family...

413 02 lerewe meye

lerewe meye


by gharib wrya
kurdistan 2014
20:56 min – kurdish (engl. subs)


a woman have to make a decision. to be loyal or not, that is the question.

414 01 microphone



by kareemok
kurdistan 2014
09:05 min – kurdish (engl. subs)


a liittle boy grabs the microphon of the imam in the mosque.

421 02 aweena - the mirror of

aweena – the mirror of...


by khalid hamalaw
kurdistan 2014
10:12 min – kurdish (engl. subs)


magic mirror in my hand, what is the past of this land?

422 02 a long night

a long night


by kamiran betasi
kurdistan 2014
14:18 min – kurdish (engl. subs)


a mother is waiting along with her daughters for her husband in a refugee camp …

423 01 black page

black page


by ibrahim ramazan
kurdistan 2014
04:33 min – no dialogue


performance art about the role of the women and its destruction

424 02 melody night

melody night


by anwar kayhan
kurdistan 2014
02:26 min – no dialogue


do we have music any longer after the war?

425 01 baznay rash

schwarzer und weißer kreis (black and white circle)


by farsin karim
kurdistan 2014
13:58 min – no dialogue


the wise woman and the gravedigger...

426 02 riddance



by mirza aco aziz
kurdistan 2014
13:16 min – kurdish (engl. subs)


a young widow tries to escape from hopelessness...

427 02 radio



by fethi evari
kurdistan 2014
03:16 min – kurdish (engl. subs)


while some already celebrate peace, others still run for their lives.





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